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The History of Lingerie | The Evolution of The Lingerie

Lingerie are the undergarment worn by women all across the world and has become a universal icon with its popularity.
Lingerie is sort of a bold fashion statement which builds confidence and comfort for women. There are many types of lingerie available in today’s market.So, what are the lingerie items available in present?
Following are the some of the most popular pieces.

A bikini is a pair of underwear which can be paired with a matching print, colour or stand-alone piece. The bikinis are a classic cut which rise low.

Indeed, you know what a Brassieres or simply a Bra is. Bras are wearing to cover and to support the breasts.
Hence bras come in different styles such as demi, balconette, push-up and triangle etc. The best type is depending on many factors such as size, occasion and outfit.

This is kind of a lingerie which reveals more of your body. Thongs come with a small thread or a strip of fabric in the back which makes the back of your thong is fully open.

The bodysuit is a bra and a bikini in one piece. Sometimes these are called teddy as well. Body suits are much
sexier and cover more body area than two separate pieces of a bikini.

Rompers come with a playful vibe. In the undergarments market the rompers come as a one-piece and most of them are designed with cotton or several other types of fabric materials.
Mainly rompers give more sex appeal to a woman who is wearing them.
The aforementioned lingerie types are only the basic types you can find in the market. There are much more varieties available in the present lingerie market for you to choose. So, when did the women start to wear.
lingerie? Is it a modern thing or do they have a history?

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In the 1700s in France, tiny waist with a pushed-up breast was considered to be the ideal body of a woman.
To obtain this body type, every woman needed several extra pieces of clothing. They started to wear undergarments which were called “Stays” or the “Whalebone”. The reason for calling them whalebone was
undergarments which were called “Stays” or the “Whalebone”

due to the complexity and sophistication of those undergarments. These were especially worn by wealthy women.
“Stays” are fully designed with boned laces to be worn under the women’s clothing from the start of the 17th century to the end of the 18th century.
These Stays were bulky type of lingerie and much more uncomfortable
to wear.
At the beginning of the19th century, Lightweight bras became popular among women. These were invented by the American publisher, Mary Phelps Jacob.
Many women shifted from bulky stays to the lightweight bras
with the start of the first world war. Major reason was with war, many men lost their lives and women started to take up the roles of men.
As a result, daily routines and activities of these women started to change. They started to do everything that men used to do.
So, it was difficult to perform these tasks by wearing bulky undergarments. As a solution,the lightweight bras were introduced to the market.

Lingerie in 1950’s
At the 1950s, lingerie was considered as a sex symbol rather than a mere underwear. Hence exposing the body
with the lingerie were considered taboo and act of heinous. During this period the advent of pin-up girls’
images were popular. These models wore underwear in those images and they became popular and more
acceptable in the society. As a result, underwear became accepted within the society and widespread among the women.
The body curves were highly appreciated as well.

In the 50s, lingerie was high-waisted and flowing. This was the era where the Bullet bra, Granny panty and Peignoir set were embraced,
because these types of lingerie embraced the hour glass figure of women. These lingerie items were manufactured with Nylon fabrics as they were
inexpensive. As a result, they came with many colour choices and more importantly the prices of the lingerie were affordable for many women.
Womenhad the chance to select any colour of lingerie they prefer, rather than selecting black or white.
The bullet bras, strapless, longline bras became popular in the 1950’s. These bras were made with cotton,rayon and nylon fabrics.
Cost of these bras was around 1$ to 3$. The prices of these lingerie determined on the design and type of the fabrics.

Manufacturers used taffeta trim, prints, lace materials, accent bows and elaborate stitching in order to add more glamour to the lingerie.
Hence hand washing was required because the elastic was not durable compared to the present day’s elastic materials.

Lingerie in 1960’s
In the 1960’s, the Lycra material was introduced for undergarments. The Lycra fabric lingerie were produced as printed undergarments.
Hence the bras started to become less pointy in design and women tend to choose pantyhose rather than the garters.
Hence the fashion world shifted towards more natural and comfortable clothing. The skirts got shorter and cut high at the thigh level.
Therefore, the lingerie needed to be shortened as well.

Lingerie in 1970’s
The more sophisticated and sexy appearance were the main themes of the lingerie market in the 1970s. Using Silk, sequins and satin made the undergarments luxurious and daring.

By the end of the 1960’s people used to focus on social activism, environment protection and equal rights etc.
Hence the feminist movement motivated women not to wear bras. The bras became a political message as women used to believe that not wearing a bra is a symbol of equality.Therefore, bra less fashion was a style
or a trend in the 70’s.

In the 1980s, marketers promoted the softer brassieres along with the theme of a healthier lifestyle. Because
there were bustier undergarments such as bullet bras which believed to be unhealthy. Hence the thong became
a popular thing among the Americans. First, the thong gained popularity in South America and then it became one of the most favourite undergarments in the USA.
The thong style body suits became more popular around the 1980s. This lingerie designs helped to show off the hips and rear of a women.
In the swimwear market, the V-cut trend of athletic gear became so popular as well.
This became popular because it came as a single piece suit which reveals so much skin on women’s body.

Moreover, the women were motivated by the TV Show Baywatch. The cast in the Baywatch were wearing the one-piece red swimsuits as lifeguards at the beach.
The one-piece red swimsuits as lifeguards at the beach. The Speedo and Body Glove brands were leading themarket in manufacturing full piece bathing suits in the 80s.
Their athletic theme suits came as Scoop necks and high-rise bikini bottoms along with a built-in bra support.
They helped women to be more agile and quick.
Hence the celebs like Cher started to wear lingerie as an outerwear. She used to wear G-string bodysuits to perform on the Stage.
Neon Colour and animal prints were used by designers for their bathing suits which gave them a very unique look to their products.
The metallic fabrics were a huge trend in 80s.

Lingerie in 1990’s
This is the era which the wonder bra became so popular. It is a push-up underwear brassiere. However, these wonder bras were introduced in the 1960s.
These bras were designed by a Canadian named Louise Poirier in

  1. But they were not much popular back then. But they regained their popularity in the 1990’s.

Lingerie in 2000’s
In 2000’s the Whale tail thongs became a trend among men and women. It is a Y shaped waistband of a thong.
The waistband is visible above the waistline of a low rise short, jean or a skirt. The whale tail thong trend was
stimulated along with the trend of the low-rise jeans. Many celebrities used to wear them even in public. But
the trend started to decline around 2007 with the negative feedback received from the society and religious
activists etc.

Lingerie can be considered as the ultimate passion of a woman. They have a sensual connection with the
women’s body. Because they make women look stunning and glamorous. The undergarments that a woman
is wearing tell a lot about her taste, purpose and character etc. Hence a woman thinks much before selecting a

In present there are variety of lingerie choices,sizes, designs, brands, purposes and colours available to choose.
So, you will get a headache in choosing the perfect and right one for you. You may spend the whole day
comparing sizes, colours, brands at a store.
Choosing the right lingerie for your own body is very important. Your dress or any other outer wear will not
look good if your lingerie is not smooth and perfect for your body. A woman should be aware how it will fit
on their body, nature of the occasion that she is going to wear them, what are the clothing that she is going to
wear with them etc. let’s find out how to choose the right and perfect lingerie for you.

  1. Personal Style and Comfort
    You may see gorgeous super models wearing cute and sexy lingerie. But would every one of them look good
    on your body? You may buy undergarments to impress your husband or lover. But you are the one that should
    feel comfort and confidence on them, right?
    If you have no idea what to choose, simply start with a simple piece of lingerie. A nice couple of neutral
    colours in lacy pieces which will look nice on you. If you already own them you can go one step further and
    buy a silk gown or a garter set.
  2. Type of Your Body
    There is no fit for all lingerie available in the market. You must buy according to your own body type. Women
    with small size body can go for an underwire half cup bar or a padded bra with lace. They will give a fuller
    look for a woman with a smaller body type. Another great option would be a ruffle for such woman.
    If you are a curvy woman with naturally blessed beauty, you may love to highlight the curves you got, so you
    need to draw attention away from some of the unappealing areas of your body. If you need to cover your belly
    while allowing flaunt your cleavage, the full cup bra would be a great choice.

On the other hand, pretty lace bralette can give a feminine and flirty look to a woman with an athletic body.
Moreover, a lean body looks curvier with a V-shaped neckline. Keep in mind that a bralette is not limited only
to smaller size women. Even if you are a plus size you can try them out.

  1. The Occasion
    Same as the different type of clothing for different occasions, there are different type of lingerie suitable for
    each occasion. A cute bodysuit would be perfect for a night that you want to chill. It may not need much effort,
    but still you will definitely look good on them.
    For a daily wear, you can just purchase some plain, neutral coloured lingerie. Then you will be able to wear
    them with all type of outfits. A wild and crazy lingerie will be ideal for a romantic date or for the valentine’s
    day etc. Don’t be afraid to experiment new colours and fabrics
  2. Season of the Year
    One of the most important factors to consider is the season of the year. Yes. You should change your lingerie
    according to the weather. Heavy lingerie such as teddies and bodysuits with many layers are suitable for cold
    winter months.
    On the other hand, the light weight, breathable clothing and lingerie would be perfect for a woman during
    summer time. Summer is the time to show off your body with a strappy dress or a tank top. So, you have to
    make sure to wear some nice lingerie underneath your clothing.

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