Frequently Asked Questions


Is the item in stock?

  • Items are held in stock in our store in the UK and available for immediate dispatch.
  • This website has live stock control so if you can add an item to your basket then it is in stock.
  • You will be warned immediately if the item you are ordering is not available in the quantity that you are trying to order
  • If you wish to check any item availability then please contact us.

Can I order an Item if it is not in stock?

Some product on the site that is not in stock is marked as special order.

If you wish to order an item that is not in stock then please contact us . We will confirm availability and estimated delivery timescales and enable you to orderbit if you wish.

Do you accept Laser Cards?

Sorry, no. Laser Cards are only accepted in the Republic of Ireland.

My payment was unsuccessful or declined. What can I do?

  • Send us a message through the Contact Us page, including your phone number, and we will contact you.

If you selected to pay by Credit or Debit card and after clicking on “Proceed to Payment” you immediately saw a message saying something like “There has been a problem with your payment, please contact the site owner.” before you even input your card details then it may be that your IP Address is in a range blocked by an anti-fraud system, even if you have successfully made other payments before. You could try to pay using the PayPal payment option instead; you do not need a PayPal account to do this and they do accept credit and debit cards. Or you could try using a different pc/tablet/phone or re-starting your home modem router if you are confident and it is safe to do so as this may refresh your IP Address.

If, having entered your credit or debit card details and Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCard password, you receive a message that your password is incorrect then please refer to your card issuer for instructions on re-setting your password.

We have two different payment options; it might be worth trying a different option or a different card.

You can now pay by PayPal without having a PayPal account and without having to use an existing PayPal account.

  • check that you have entered the card details correctly and that the billing address you have entered matches the billing address for that card.

check that your card has not expired, been cancelled by you or blocked by the anti-fraud department of your card issuer.

check that you have enough funds on the card.

Your credit or debit card issuer will be able to help you if the payment was declined by them.

office Hours?

You can order online from this website at any time.

We aim to respond to your emails and phone messages within one working day. This does mean that emails sent to us after 5pm Friday and over the weekend may not be responded to until the following Monday.

We do respond to all emails.

Do you have a returns policy?

Yes, click here

Can I order part of a costume?

Regrettably, no. We can not split costumes or someone would not get their complete costume.

Can I hire a costume?

  • All of our costumes are for sale only. We do not hire costumes.

Should I have received a confirmation email

Yes, we send confirmation emails when your order has been received, when it is processing, when it is dispatched, when returns have been processed and refunds or exchanges made.

Emails are sent to the email address you give us when you place your order.

If you have not received any emails from us then the most likely reasons are:

  • You may have entered your email address incorrectly when you placed your order. You will see the email address you gave us on the packing slip we send out with your order. If you entered your email address incorrectly then please let us know and we will explain how to change it.
  • Your web mail account (e.g. hotmail) mail box may be full.
  • Our emails have gone into your spam box. It is possible to alter your spam filter settings to avoid this.

Can I collect my order?

  • Regrettably, no.

I’m not sure if this item will fit me, can you help?

Above all, please remember that we are here to help you.

If you are not sure or if you need help with measurements or you would like us to measure an item for you then please ask.

We try to give as much size information with the item descriptions as is provided by the manufacturers.

Different manufacturers have different size charts so please look carefully at the size chart provided with the item before deciding which size to order.

If you are in between sizes then we recommend choosing the larger size.

Some items are “One Size” and in these cases we will indicate the size range that they cover.

All numbered sizes quoted on this website are UK numbered sizes.

Please be aware that sizes vary even between high street stores and “vanity” sizing is becoming more prevalent. International named sizes vary from country to country so please check the dimensions we provide in the item descriptions and please do not be put off or offended if the size you need is named larger or smaller than you are used to.