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History of Babydolls/ Nightwear Revealed

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In this post i will try to outline the history of Babydolls/nightwear from 1942-1950.

First of all what is a babydoll?

A babydoll is a piece of lingerie that is quite popular with the younger generation. It is basically a short night gown or negligee that is usually worn in the bedroom. Babydolls are made and decorated in various ways, in lace, faux fur,ruffles, bows and ribbons. A majority of babydolls hang off of the shoulder by spaghetti straps. Babydolls/nighties mainly comes in chiffon, silk, or nylon  and is usually sheer or see- through. It is said that babydolls got its name because of its hemline which is six inches above the knees which is very similar to a mini dress.


In 1942 an american fashion lingerie  designer syilva Pedlar created a short night gown and produced them in response to fabric shortages during world war II. During this time her many designs became known as babydolls which pedlar disliked and did not use it.

The name babydoll got even more popular when a film of the same name got released in 1956 it starred Carrole Baker in the title role of a 19 year old nymphet. The movie led to the popularity of the style for adults.

This led to the creation of babydoll pyjamas also in the 1950s to 60s consisted of a top and a loose fitting short bloomer bottom with elasticized waist and legs. In the 1970s to the 90s the bloomers were replaced by closer fitting briefs with elastic waist legs.

Today  versions of the babydoll pyjamas (pjs) have removed the elastic on the legs, the bottoms being either shorts or pants. Baby dolls then became a prominent part of  the “kinderwhore” look during the 1990s.

Present Day

Nowadys  the babydoll/ nighties is considered a popular  form of lingerie helping to create fantasies the short length of the hem makes the legs appear to be longer .

For those who do not want to be completely exsposed on the bottom half of their body the gown now comes with a set of  matching panties .

If you are not aiming for a sexual presentation the babydoll can be used as a short night gown, which comes in a variety of styles.

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